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Where do you want to go? What do you want to see?

The Professor Travel is a organization dedicated to education on culture, history, geography, and of course, food. We strive to educate by appealing to your primary learning method whether that is visual (e.g. video content and blogs), audio (e.g. podcasts), or experiential (e.g. come and join us on an upcoming adventure).

Scott Saltman


Scott has been in higher education going on 20 years. He holds dual masters degrees in Public Administration and an MBA with a concentration in Global Management. 

He currently serves as Director of One Stop Global Student Services for a college in Southern California.

Our Team

Please take a moment to meet the team

Kevin Potter

Social Media Manager

Kevin has been in customer service and operations management for over 20 years. He works as editor, photographer, filmographer, and social media manager for The Professor Travel.  

Corey Saltman

Senior Travel Consultant

Corey has been part of travel industry since the 1970s. She has been a travel consultant and worked with world class properties such as Marriott and Sheridan. She has led groups on cruise with themes and caters primarily, to the senior population.

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